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The Acting part of Voice Acting

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Voice Acting is Acting, not just doing voices

4-1-21 Matt Gallagher

Voice acting, like all acting, tells a narrative. A narrative that is present whether the script is for a commercial, a promo, or an animation. The actor doesn't tell a story by the way they read, but instead why they read. In other words, if you gave Marlon Brando one line to say, and it was "I'm tired", then Marlon Brando wouldn't spend 30 minutes rehearsing various ways to say "I'm tired". He would ask why am I tired? What am I tired from? Who needs to know that I'm tired? As with all scripts, the actor finds the story and breaks it all apart. You make the story personal: Who's my audience? What is it that I want the audience to know? Where am I?

When I first started my VO journey, I was concerned with how my persona should sound in each story. What's their voice like? How do they talk? But as I practiced with more and more scripts, and I received the proper training, I was corrected.

Once you are well informed, the voice will simply follow. That's not to say that an actor becomes innately aware of what they should sound like, but instead the actor is now aware of why they are talking instead of how they are talking, and your focus is now on the purpose of the words, not on the sound of the words.

Being well informed about the script/story takes pressure off of the actor to act, and makes for a more natural read. Don't simply do an impression, leave an impression

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